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D-803-Z free layer damping material

First, product characteristics introduced:
The D-803-Z damping rubber plate is a high performance free layer damping material, and its structural loss factor is more than 0.2 in the composite structure of the substrate: damping plate = 1:3, 50 ~ 400Hz frequency range. In a certain structural application, the self-noise is reduced by 5.3dB and the target intensity is reduced by 6.5dB. The vibration and noise reduction performance of this product in the cabin interior and exterior, railway locomotives and other fields has been fully verified.


Second, product performance parameters:

Item Indicators Test Standard
Density (g/cm3) 1.45±0.05 GB/T533
Hardness (Sauer A) 85±5 GB/T531.1
Tensile Strength ≥8MPa GB/T528
Elongation at break ≥100%
Combustion performance Oxygen Index ≥28 GB/T2406.2
Structural loss factor (steel plate: damping plate = 1:3, 100~300Hz, 10~20°C): ≥0.2 GB/T18258


Third, product processing size

Product Thickness Product Width Product Length
2mm~10mm 500mm 500mm


4. Application Product Case