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Soundproof pad SI series

Si series acoustic pad material is a vinyl polymer, inorganic filler blend material, can effectively isolate external air noise, does not contain lead, cadmium, environmental protection and safety. The material is in the form of a roll or a sheet, which can be cut according to the actual size of use. The operation is simple and quick. One of the parts of noise insulation, shock absorption and heat insulation used in locomotives, ships, automobiles, industrial pipelines, gas pipelines, and large tanks, in addition to the sound absorption and noise reduction characteristics that they should have, fire resistance, air pollution, and There is also a high demand for ease of construction.


 Sound-Resistant Mat SI-HC60  Sound-Resistant Mat SI-5Y3000  Sound-Resistant Mat SI-3000
 Sound-Resistant Mat SI-2500  Sound-Resistant Mat SI-2501  Insulation Mat SI-1303