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Butyl damping aluminum foil

First, product characteristics introduced:
Butyl damping material is characterized by high damping, high vibration suppression, and stable composite loss factor, which can fully suppress low-frequency vibration noise. The flame retardancy, smoke toxicity, and smoke density grade of the product all meet the German DIN5510-2:2009 standard. S4 , SF3 level and iron standard TB/T3237 standards and meet the environmental protection EU RoHs standard. Resistant to moisture, aging, salt spray, acid and alkali resistant. The oil surface has strong adhesiveness, the odor reaches grade 5, and the construction is convenient. It can be dry-processed. The use of low cost and easy maintenance.


Second, product performance parameters:

Item Indicators Test Standard
Density (g/cm3) 1.5±0.2 GB/T533
Composite loss factor (thickness 2mm) 50°C ≥0.17 GB/T 16406-1996
Peel Strength (N/25mm) 180° ≥25 GB/T 2790
Oxygen Index ≥32%
Combustion level 5~4 DIN5510-2:2009


Third, product processing size

Product Thickness Product Width Product Length
1.0mm~5.0mm 1200mm 3000~8000mm

Four Application Cases