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Shandong Yucheng juntaiban crackdown on cage culture behavior of rubber dam area

Date:2013-12-04 Num:787

In order to reduce the cause of the rubber dam water aquaculture pollution behavior, strengthen the protection of water sources in Yucheng city recently, Jun joint municipal environmental protection, public security, the Taiwan Affairs Office of water conservancy departments, dispatched more than 40 people, even on Taiwan Jun Luo Wan Cun rubber dam water aquaculture joint dismantled, demolished in the cage farming household department even Luo Wan Village, the day of removal of cage culture 4. In order to prevent the phenomenon of cage culture, the signing of the "Taiwan Jun were removed and the farmers banned cage culture contract", and to give 1000 yuan per person per case compensation for them. In the future, the office will develop measures to strengthen the responsibility to establish routine inspection mechanism and removal mechanism, timely to strengthen cooperation with relevant departments, to crack down on the illegal behavior of rubber dam water cage culture, the masses of the people as soon as possible but also a safe and clean "tanks". Up to now, a total of 31 households in the demolition of cage culture.