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Chengde recent heavy rainfall wuliehe rubber dam began to flood

Date:2011-08-05 Num:733

Recently, Chengde city around the heavy heavy rain, heavy rainfall makes Chengde city rivers runoff surge. In July 28th, the reporter saw in Chengde city water to Wulie River on the rubber dam group are deflated flood operations, currently WuLie river has exposed riverbed, many ships have to play "landing". It is understood that in 2007, 12 wuliehe rubber dam officially put into use, 12 rubber dam cascade connected 12 km water landscape corridor, formed a total of 2 million 400 thousand square meters of water, Chengde, Wulie River Rubber Dam and levee engineering group built the Chengde urban flood control standard has been raised to twenty years.