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Close the bridge to be built rubber dam in September began to water

Date:2011-08-02 Num:758

"One summer, the smell is very strong here." The day before, the reporter found in the spring near the river, the river bed exposed dirt, garbage everywhere, a lot of people through the bridge. They cover their noses. "Or hope to manage it, or too detrimental to the image of Dianjiang." A public representation.

24, the reporter from the county water authority was informed that in order to solve the Henan bridge and the following spring Guixi River lack water, piles of garbage, the county water authority intends to build a closed bridge rubber dam. According to reports, the construction of closed bridge rubber dam can solve the Guixi River, spring river bed exposed through water and sewage, river, improve air quality, let the Guixi River, spring river restoration of River nature, is no longer a sewage ditch now.

It is reported that the rubber dam project construction process is relatively simple, and the investment is small, the time limit for a short period, quick effect. The current design of the closed bridge rubber dam 3 meters high, 14 meters long dam, the normal water level of 3.3 meters, is a small rubber dam, estimated investment of 450 thousand yuan. Reach normal water level, above the spring river backwater reach Dongfeng Bridge, Guixi River backwater to the South Gate bridge. At present, the county has been in Nanyang bridge, the bridge, the Western European garden, such as the construction of rubber dam.

County Water Bureau staff introduction, due to the current value of the main flood season in the river, should not be engaged in construction operations, therefore, to close the construction of rubber dam bridge is expected in late August of this year, the main flood season started, the planned duration 40 days, approximately at the end of September the completion of acceptance and storage.