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Domestic largest rubber dam project to complete the government bidding and procurement

Date:2011-07-19 Num:625

The day before, government procurement in the territory of the Fuyang River source link in Fengfeng mining area of the country's largest rubber dam project, water conservancy project from 6 competitive enterprises to win, to 20 million 60 thousand yuan bid.

    To improve the living environment and the surrounding environment of the Fuyang River source water quality, enhance the peak grade of the city, the district planning to build the country's largest rubber dam in the Fuyang River source. Fengfeng mining area the government procurement office has approved the government procurement agency qualification, with outstanding performance and a high degree of credibility of the agency of the Fuyang River Rubber Dam Project for government procurement. The project after the financial investment review, to take public bidding for procurement. In order to ensure full transparency in the bidding, purchasing information in government procurement network, municipal government procurement network, Fengfeng mining district government procurement network and other media have been released, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau, the district administrative service center management committee to supervise the whole process of bid opening. City Water Conservancy Engineering Department and other 6 qualified bidding units to participate in the bidding, the final city water conservancy project to 20 million 60 thousand yuan bid winning bid, saving 2 million 100 thousand yuan of funds.


    It is reported that the dam was designed by Chinese Institute of water conservancy and hydropower dam, 108.6 meters long. Dam height of 6.5 meters, the dam bag making use of steel wire skeleton, no lap seam molding, after the completion of the backwater length of up to 1600 meters, water storage capacity of about 600 thousand cubic meters. From 2002 onwards, the peak years of continued implementation of comprehensive control project of Fuyang River source, a total investment of 300 million yuan, the completion of the 8 phase of treatment project, the basic realization of the harmonious situation of natural ecology and city construction, environmental protection and economic and social development.