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    1. NEWS

      Company news

      The first nuclear power in the world with a rubber dam in yantai, shandong province

      Date:2016-09-08 Num:953

      9 big truck is loaded with the delivery of equipment to the factory workshop far a rubber dam product delivery services, this is the reporter walks into the nuclear industry in qixia yantai met the scene with hing industrial co., LTD. A line of people can not help but sigh at the scene, in manufacturing into the winter now, so the hot product delivery condition is really rare.

        “The 9 device is export filter, value at around $20 million; Just delivery rubber dam, is the world's first used in nuclear power equipment products, worth $10 million. "Chairman of the board of directors of the company Gong Jingren is proud to say that" this day, the company has achieved more than 3000 3000 yuan of business revenue. ”

        "Down" from the core product industries first

        Filter belong to mechanical manufacturing, rubber is the chemical industry, with industrial products span is not small. Facing reporters doubts, Gong Jingren revealed the mystery of them: "this seemingly unrelated, but the company is from guarding the filter on the extended segment of rubber industry, and finally, a place in the industry, this is the diversified innovation with tricks."

        In the 1990 s, with industrial upon the previous engaged in geological prospecting industry accumulated technology and equipment, developed with international leading level of belt type filter, which is a high degree of automation, production technology of complex separation equipment, widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc.

        After several years, with industry grew into the world's largest filter leading enterprises. Through long time accumulation of technology and market, with industry is also keen to find more business opportunities from filter unit, and through the "split" filter create entirely new products.

       Tape is the core component of the filter, in the past with the tape is produced by synthetic rubber enterprises, more than three meters wide tape production have been monopolized by foreign. Through the long-term accumulation of filter production technology, with gradually mastered the properties and processing properties of adhesive tape, then concentrated research and development to build the world's first professional filter for wide tape production line, has been completed and put into production across the board and once half a year only successful commissioning, to achieve the key technology in the field of technological breakthroughs.

        "And through the production of adhesive tape, the company in the field of rubber technical strength, product line is more rich." Gong Jingren, said that the delivery is the company for many years in the field of rubber rubber dam long-term accumulation of results, the strength of the products, security, anti-aging, longevity and other key indicators have reached the same industry leading level, more to become the world's first nuclear power with a rubber dam.

        Not only that, through in-depth study filter used in the ceramic filter board, with success to develop a new ceramic industry, the production of quartz crucible is widely used in photovoltaic industry, comprehensive strength, value-added products is the same in the same industry first; Through the steady accumulation of filter automation technology, the company's core control technology as a breakthrough, and start in robots, unmanned aerial vehicles. Currently with xing has formed the machinery, rubber, electronics, ceramics products four plates, to achieve the rapid expansion of company scale.

        "" way of doing innovative products market

        Only achieve sales and profits, the innovation of the products is value and vitality. "It needs to understand the trade-off and the innovation development direction, through the rapid response to the rapidly changing market, sometimes only need to existing technologies and products simply renovation and upgrade, can make great innovation." Gong Jingren said.

        In countries require emissions must be on desulfurization in thermal power plant, with immediately organize personnel to Europe and the United States and other developed countries, after returning from relying on filter accumulated technical strength, concentrate human, material and financial resources for scientific research, made a breakthrough in a short period of time. Today, the use of flue gas desulfurization equipment in the domestic power plant, more than 70% is provided by the same company.

        "Before China's power desulphurization equipment hundred are imported, 20 square meters of equipment more than 800, and our products, but more than 200." Gong Jingren said, "up to now, China's power desulphurization equipment basic can't see foreign products on the market, this not only get rid of the dependence on foreign technology, more countries save a large amount of foreign exchange."

       Desulfurization equipment in addition to electricity, with in domestic potash production separation equipment to achieve nearly 99% market share, and master certain pricing power; In many enterprises haven't realized tailings contained environmental governance of business opportunities, with dry tailings discharge equipment has been widely used in the domestic each big mining area.

        "Therefore, product innovation from the innovation of the market, sometimes not to stare at those places, tall, often ' 'way of doing things can work." Gong Jingren said.

        "Pieces" to upgrade the core product

        Review with the road of innovation, Gong Jingren vividly called "the stars and planets strategy", which is insisted on the filter product become bigger and stronger at the same time, focus on spin filter related industry chain, with the "star" filter, supporting the development of the related rubber, electronics, ceramics and other "planet".

        "This kind of diversification strategy, can make new businesses have a fixed sales channels, to reduce market risk, to the greatest extent to support each other and make up for each other, with the original enterprise so that the company high-speed, steady development." Gong Jingren introduction, as companies in a number of plate technology accumulation, used to rely on "split" filter to expand the new technology and new products, is now back to division to integration, and, in turn, further enhance the technical level of the filter, the advantage of and developed new products, so that the company's core product technical strength and quality.

        Today, with research and development of new products of the company has more than 30, more than 20 national patents, including national innovation LXD automatic centrifuge, TC type ceramic filter, filter with rubber belt and other products to fill the domestic blank, the application range of the product from metallurgical industry to expand into electric power, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other fields. At the same time the company also plans to rely on the knowledge of control technology, filtration separation, rubber, etc., integrating research and development new product such as unmanned hovercraft, desilting underwater robot, continue to blaze new trails in more.