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      18 reservoirs in Qingdao this year for the last 45 years, the least amount of water for a year

      Date:2016-07-30 Num:1150


      According to the latest statistics, from August 8th to 6, the city's total rainfall of 316.8 mm, 101.8 mm less than the same period of the previous year. The city's 18 large and medium-sized reservoirs 28 million 22 thousand square, less than the beginning of the 20 million 388 thousand party; since 1971 since the reservoir statistics, the least amount of water for one year.

        Reporters from the Qingdao municipal meteorological department was informed that the current situation of water shortage in Qingdao city is caused by drought, last year, Qingdao City, the average rainfall of only 480 mm, only about 7 of the annual precipitation into. Plus Qingdao is a serious water shortage in northern city, makes the water resources more scarce, according to relevant statistics, Qingdao's per capita share of 247 cubic meters of water resources, the national average of 11%, the world average of 3%.

        In Jiaozhou, Qingdao, where the two major water sources in the reservoir and the young reservoir has dried up, drinking water mainly rely on the water diversion reservoir. 8 morning, the reporter saw at the Youth Lake Reservoir, is overgrown with weeds, a few rain has left the reservoir bottom some low-lying area have a small amount of water, but also can only provide drinking water for the reservoir bottom stocking cattle, sheep, and useless. "When the water is abundant, there are at least seven or eight meters water depth." One villager said that the reservoir has been dry for nearly a year. Subsequently, the reporter arrived at the mountain island reservoir, found that the situation is exactly the same, the recent precipitation just cracked the reservoir bottom have small amounts of water from the reservoir to restore the water supply capacity is far from.