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Fangshan District will start building two gas shield dam in Shidu Juma River

Date:2014-02-22 Num:857

According to the Beijing city of Fangshan District water department: Recently, Fangshan District Juma sixth, nine in Shidu is to start building two gas shield dam, which kicked off the horse river project to Shidu Scenic Area


    Compared with the rubber dam and the steel plate brake, the gas shield dam has the advantages of small volume, difficult to be broken, and time of inflation and exhaust time, and can realize the characteristics of the dam collapse in time.


  Last year the "7 - 21" catastrophic natural disasters causes varying degrees of destruction of the region within the river, the Juma River Crossing sixth and nine rubber dam damage, not the formation of the surface water. In the river water damage repair, district water sector for the first time reference gas shield dam replacement Juma Hanoi original rubber dam.


  It is reported that the gas shield dam is made up of a set of shield plates, a group of rubber air bag, a row of foundation anchor bolts and a set of pneumatic charging and discharging system, which has the advantages of rubber dam and steel plate. Juma sixth, nine Gas Shield Crossing dam are 1.8 meters high, dam length respectively 118 meters and 83 meters, will be built to form a new broad surface, will meet the demand of ecological river landscape.


  The staff said that the district water authority, gas shield dam bag has the advantages of small volume, short charging time, in the flood dam collapse, supporting air bag hidden in the shield plate, water floats and rolling stone plate and support inclusion vnd, airbag and subsidiary system is not affected by water erosion and hook, the airbag is not easy to be a bad bar and, the exhaust time is short, can achieve timely dam collapse, will guarantee a greater degree of river flood safety. At the same time, gas shield dam in daily sluicing, natural landscape waterfalls, beautiful and novel.