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      The Longest River Barrier Dam in Northwest China Successfully Impounded Water

      Date:2017-10-09 Num:737

      Yangxin, Shaanxi Province, September 8 (Tang Xiangyan, Liu Zhenliang) China Railway 20th Bureau and 5th Company disclosed on the 8th that the longest river-blocking gas shield dam in northwestern China was successfully built and stored on the Weihe River that day. The gas shield dam is located in Yangling Agricultural Demonstration Area in Shaanxi Province. As one of the birthplaces of China's agricultural civilization, Yangling has become one of China's major agricultural research and education bases since the 1950s. It is also known as China's agricultural Silicon Valley. The river surface and beach renovation project in the Yangling Demonstration Area of ​​Luohe River is an important part of the comprehensive improvement project of the Weihe River in Shaanxi Province. Mainly include five holes with a total width of 450 meters, aerodynamic shield type sluice, left and right bank protection, river dredging and pumping stations and other projects. The project is located in the middle reaches of the middle reaches of the Weihe River. The Qishui River flows into the upper reaches of the Daokou River. The terrain is flat. It is located on the floodplain and first-order terraces. The geological structure is complex, and the amount of surface water inflow is large. It is necessary to complete the construction of the main dam body before the flood season. The safety risk is high. . This is another barrage shield dam built on the Weihe River by the China Railway 20th Bureau and the Fifth Company following the second phase of the Xianyang Lake in June 2016. Since the start of construction in October 2016, all the construction personnel of China Railway 20th Bureau and the 5th Company have entered the field quickly and have been rapidly put into construction. It took only 10 months to complete the construction of the main dam. In order to overcome surface water inflows, the project organized more than 20 high-power pumps, pumping and draining personnel to rotate around the clock, and continuously pumping water. In accordance with the requirements of “safety and safety for tube production”, the project strictly implements the system of leading and shifting duty and the system of safety inspection. All the staff of the project are doing their utmost to ensure that the construction safety is meticulous. During the construction process, the project always adhered to the pattern guide, strictly implemented the three-inspection system, and strict requirements on the key processes and concealed project quality inspection were carefully applied. The 1185 unit projects were all up to standard at one time, and the qualification rate was 100%. It is understood that after the dam was filled, the Yangling section of the Weihe River has added 2,524 mu of water area, forming a 3.8-kilometer return water length, which will prevent floods and prevent floods and improve the urban landscape. “It will be the largest ecological park in Guanzhong and the most beautiful. "Landscape promenade" has important practical significance.