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    1. NEWS

      Peripheral information

      Fushun City Bridge Rubber Dam dam began to install, for the end of the month began filling

      Date:2016-08-22 Num:1018

        Fushun is located in the east of James's Hanoi north and south two rubber dams, May 7th to begin the installation of rubber dam bag in the afternoon, the reporter saw second dams on the river in the south of the building, workers are installing a dam, the rubber dam from the north of the rubber dam construction is not only the last working distance of 400 meters.


        On the north side of James's Department of Henan second rubber dams located in Fushun east of the city of Luqiao, in April 1st this year to start the construction, after the completion of the rubber dam foundation concrete pouring, start the installation of rubber dam dam bag, along with the northern rubber dam Zhan Jia He last year the construction of two dams on the dam bag installation will be completed in 10 days ago the success of water, and strive to the end of the month.


        James's Department of Henan rubber dam length of 34 meters, the northern rubber dam a total length of 38 meters, is the water filling rubber dam, the dam is 1.8 meters in width, dam height of 1.5 meters, two rubber dam area of nearly 50 thousand square meters. James River river basin is 15.4 kilometers in length, watershed area of 24.5 square kilometers, this year also on both sides of the green upgrade project includes channel widening flat planting, water purification plants, the construction of soft embankment etc..


        Zhan Jia He construction of rubber dam increase the storage area of the river watershed in east area, but also adds beauty and near public entertainment provided for city Xinchang。