Technical service

First, Technical Services
1, service concept
Service tenet: We are eager for customers and think what our customers think.
Service concept: The needs of users are our needs.
2, Service Promise: High quality, high efficiency, patience, enthusiasm, thoughtfulness - until the problem is solved until the user passes.


Second, to provide a scientific system of planning and design
 The company relies on its own strong technical advantages and domestic scientific research strengths for collaborative hospitals to provide the most scientifically-informed plans for dam projects, dam bags, anchorage structures, control systems and safety observation devices, dam foundation civil engineering, and construction. Design and expertise. Its services include:
1. Provide customers with the support of technical consultation and investment estimation in the early stage of design;
2. Preparation of design documents for each stage of the project;
3, provide product technical conditions;

C. Assisting Construction Projects
1. Assist in guiding the installation of the product Before the rubber dam installation and construction time as stipulated in the contract, the engineering personnel together with the customer's engineering staff shall carry out inspection and confirmation of the preliminary construction preparation.
2. The two parties will implement the project installation according to the jointly-developed project schedule. The company's engineering director and the client's engineering staff should work closely together to complete the construction tasks according to the division of responsibilities of both parties.
3. After the completion of construction and commissioning, an acceptance team composed of both parties shall carry out the inspection and acceptance. After acceptance, the two teams will be put into use and an acceptance report signed by both parties.


Four, Cargo Transportation
The company has a fixed cooperation relationship with a number of logistics companies to ensure that the company’s cargo can arrive at the construction site quickly, on time, and in good condition.


Five, Equipment Maintenance
1) Warranty Product Quality Guarantee
In the warranty period, the customer should send qualified trained personnel to perform maintenance operations on the product.
During the warranty period, when the equipment has a quality problem belonging to the manufacturer, repairs will be given without compensation. Does not belong to the quality problem of the manufacturer, but also actively assist the owner to carry out maintenance, and only charge the cost.
2) Product Warranty after Warranty
After the warranty period expires, the company guarantees to continue to provide maintenance for the facility, and the resulting costs are borne by the customer.

Six, Service Promise
1. Our company has perfect after-sales service system and set up after-sales service installation branch. Installation technical guidance and after-sales service personnel all have 10 to 15 years of experience in manufacturing and installation, guide the installation of equipment and after-sales service, and guide the installation of equipment to meet the requirements of customers and meet or exceed the specifications.
2. During the operation of the equipment, our company guides the operation and management of the equipment, and provides technical training and assistance to the equipment management unit according to the requirements of the owner. The company visits new and old customers no less than twice a year and consults the equipment in a timely manner. Opinions are adopted in a timely manner for your reasonable suggestions.
3, users enjoy lifelong maintenance service;
4. Users can obtain product and construction technical support and free technical training at any time.


Seven, Quality Assurance System
1. The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management international certification, and has strict control over raw materials, processes, processes, prices, etc., and has traceability.
2. The company has a world-leading level of detection system, the indicators have reached the domestic first-class level, all products have passed comprehensive reliability test, performance can be guaranteed.