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      Qingdao Rubber Dam Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional production and manufacturing base of rubber dams and pneumatic shield gate dams in China. At the same time, the company is also a supplier of rubber dams to foreign countries in China. Our company is a technological development enterprise integrating rubber product development, information, quality monitoring and production. It is also a key rubber research and production base built by the state.

      Qingdao Rubber Dam Industry Co., Ltd. and its subordinate companies now have more than 500 employees, including 223 people engaged in R&D, technology and management, 80 people with intermediate and senior technical titles, 6 experts enjoying government subsidies and titles, 93 people with bachelor's degree or above. Our company has passed a series of product quality system certification such as ISO 9001 management system and military product quality system.


      The news we have released

      • Both sides of the river all the viewing platform is crowded with people play...... Now the Nanjing Haibohe Road, a public places around the child to play. Yesterday, the reporter visited found that appeared haipohe renovation project, the rubber dam ...
      • 9 big truck is loaded with the delivery of equipment to the factory workshop far a rubber dam product delivery services, this is the reporter walks into the nuclear industry in qixia yantai met the scene with hing industrial co., LTD. A line of peopl...
      • According to the latest statistics, from August 8th to 6, the city's total rainfall of 316.8 mm, 101.8 mm less than the same period of the previous year. The city's 18 large and medium-sized reservoirs 28 million 22 thousand square, less than the beg...
      • Project name: Qingdao lacey had dagu river Jiang Guzhuang maintenance engineering rubber dam construction project location: lacey had sun by zhenjiang home village, west zhuang dagu river main channel capital source: financial investment